• †I feel as if the ground is shaking.
    God knows it's only me that's breaking.

    We are all dying.
    But we are all crying.
    Wishing, hoping
    That we won't become....

    Join the masses already under ground.
    Every soul that could not find their way out.

    Couldn't find happiness.
    Not in this lie of a life.
    Everyone sitting thinking they are just right.

    Nobody caring if they hurt the ones they love.
    Sending an early death card.
    That is all that came my way.

    I'm feeling as if my world is falling apart.
    Because without you my heart is hollow.

    Breaking like the pressure of waves crashing upon the sand.
    The dark sea can deal a cold hand.

    If nothing else matters.
    And life is a waste of time.
    Let me say to you this one last time.

    A love that runs too deep.
    It's like heroin that fills my veins.

    A beating heart that calls out your name.

    A darkness that whispers to me.
    A call that I'll answer plainly.

    Death will be my last wish.
    Give me one last kiss.
    Something i can reminisce.

    Before i say good bye..
    tell me one last time.
    How you don't want me to leave.
    but its too late.
    And you'll always love me. †