• Oh say me from the sickness.
    Don't leave me here in pain.
    Don't leave me here to die now.
    Darkness here shall distain.

    Dismiss me from your thoughts now.
    You left me here insane.
    Oh parting, is it sorrow?
    I'll wait for you till tomorrow.

    Please don't pull along my heart strings.
    Leave me take me home.
    Left alone with raw emotions.
    Still haven't talked to you.

    The look upon your face.
    The smile faintly graced.
    The way you look upon me.
    Simple and clean taste.

    Save me from the sickness.
    Nothing left for I.
    You've left my heart broken.
    You've left me here to die, to cry, and to lie my way out.

    No long will you see me.
    Always riddled with self doubt.
    Save me from this sickness.
    Oh, please, jsut save me from the likes of you.