• Some days I look at the world around me

    And I dislike the things I see

    I don't want to be part of this world,

    I think as down the sidewalk I twirl

    I honestly hate the ignorant people I see

    Hate those people all around me

    Some days I wanna scream to the world,

    "I cannot be perfect

    I cannot be everything you want me to be

    I cannot even be everything I want me to be

    So it's foolish of you to expect me

    To listen to the things you try to say

    When it's all judgmental, anyway."

    I see a kid on my block

    With fake but pretty black locks

    You might call her gothic

    But I call it inspired.

    I see a girl at the mall

    Skating through the halls

    You might call her a skater

    But I think she's having fun.

    I see a guy at the skating rink

    Covered with a shirt of pink

    You might call him gay

    but I call him brave.

    Some days I wanna scream to the world,

    "I cannot be perfect

    and I cannot be Super Girl

    All I am is a kid

    A kid who doesn't listen to what the people say

    Cause it's all judgmental, anyway."

    I don't listen to what my daddy tells me

    When he thinks I'm crazy

    Just because I aim to stand out

    Just because he doesn't like what I like

    Doesn't mean what I like is wrong.

    He's just judgmental, anyway.

    They're all just judgmental, anyway.

    It's so sad but oh so true

    the world is just judgmental, judgmental anyway.