• Sometimes i feel the need to walk in the rain.
    It tends to help me clear my brain.
    Im not sure why this is so
    Maybe somehow it's a smooth and refreshing terrain.
    It tends to those thoughts and feelings that are heavy,
    The ones that make you feel you are on a crackling levee.
    They are very deep sometimes i wish they weren't so
    The paths on which they take ranges past unsteady.
    Somehow that rain feels my pain, that burden,
    Its path is to always clear that hurting.
    Exfoliate it as if it was never so
    Makes you feel that for that moment there was never something so maudlin.
    This rhythm flows like the circle of life,
    This circle flowing past happiness then back to strife.
    Then once again you'd wish it weren't so
    When you think of it the rain can't cut the pain forever, it's as if it were a knife.
    The cut wounds in your pain can be sewed up and healed,
    Ready to take you back once again down that hill.