• i look to the left
    fearing my next step
    i look to my right
    scared of what in that sight
    then i look ahead
    seeing ssmething i dread
    to my left, engulfed in my eyes
    is a path full of so many lies
    to my right, like poison lakes
    is a path of more heartbreaks
    and ahead of me, like a sinking boat
    is the path of both
    so either path i take
    is going to be hard to face
    do i get lied to and let down
    do i get my heartbroken and drown
    or do i attempt to take them both on
    and try to make it to the never coming dawn
    i've delt with both at the same time before
    and suicide was knocking at my door
    i almost let him in, but my will was stronger
    and now i'm hopping i can last longer
    i think i'll sit here for a moment before i pick
    every path is going to make me sick
    i'll just lay here a wait
    and figure out which path to take