• In Your Dreams

    I'm tired;
    I'm cold;
    I'm crying;
    I'm bleeding;
    I'm alone;
    Won't someone please help me?
    I have no one to lean on,
    No one to trust.
    I don't even trust myself.
    Maybe that's why
    I let you slip away
    Why can't I get off
    This merry-go-round called life?
    Life isn't the same
    When you're not by my side.
    When I'm tired,
    I want to lie next to you.
    When I'm cold,
    I want to be in your warm embrace.
    When I'm crying,
    I hope you'll comfort me.
    When I'm bleeding,
    You're the only one who can heal me.
    At times when I'm alone,
    I wish I could see
    That sweet smile on your face.
    But since we are alone,
    Just remember,
    I'll be with you in your dreams