• Eternal Love

    It seems to have been forever
    That I haven't seen you
    Or even to have heard your voice
    I want to be in your warm embrace
    I want to see that sweet smile
    On your face
    When we are together
    It seems like we can do anything
    I feel like I can touch the sky
    But ever since you left
    I have been getting weaker and weaker
    I miss you
    All I do now is just cry
    Wishing I was with you
    I love you more than life itself
    I want to see you again
    When we embrace
    I want to feel your heart beat
    With mine
    Every time my heart beats
    It is crying out to you
    But I'm not sure you hear it
    Whenever I see your face
    Whenever I hear your voice
    My heart aches and starts to cry
    My heart is full of sorrow
    Ever since that fateful day
    Why can't you see
    You were the only one meant for me
    My heart belongs to you now
    Ever since I laid eyes on you
    I knew it was meant to be
    So please open your eyes
    And come back to me
    I have never loved anyone
    As much as I love you
    Emotionally we may be oceans apart
    But I'm sure we can heal that
    If we are together again
    My heart is crying
    And right now
    I'm crying too
    When I go to sleep at night
    You're all that I think about
    When I wake up in the morning
    I hope you're there next to me
    But you're not
    I want to feel your soft lips
    Touch mine just one more time
    I just wanted to tell you one more thing
    If I never see you again
    My love for you is eternal
    Good bye, my love
    Sweet dreams.