• at the age of five
    I went to the top of the stair
    there was a man I knew once
    but he was no longer there

    I returned once more
    on the day I turned ten
    to find that I was alone
    with this Nowhere Man again

    his Nowhere words were empty
    his eyes of vacant blue
    this Nowhere, absent longing
    only grew and grew

    when age fifteen I reached
    I sat on the stair below
    understanding at last
    this Nowhere Man a foe

    this Nowhere Man, Nowhere voice,
    lied in silence and pain
    and his absent words became shackles
    fetters, cuffs, and chains

    today I am twenty-two
    I've drowned in empty tears
    but, Nowhere Man, I've decided
    you've made me cry for too many years.