• The Sword of Death,
    The legend wrote
    Was lost in time
    But still they spoke.

    Of the God of Hell,
    With fearful eyes,
    To retrieve his blade
    From their web of lies.

    In the Temple of Time,
    I read it's tale,
    Of a tainted girl
    With an unanswered wail.

    I journeyed forth,
    For the answers that I seek,
    And too soon from now,
    I stand within the sea.

    From white to white,
    No sign of red,
    But the stench of death,
    Still lay ahead

    Now from my back,
    I reveal,
    Heaven's blade,
    From it's seal.

    And to the ground,
    It's here I strike.
    Like a ripple in the sea,
    It forms a lake.

    The chaos of war,
    The beauty of death,
    The glimmer of blood,
    On the wind's endless breath.

    And there in the middle,
    Form frozen in time,
    Was the girl from the tale,
    Paying for her crime.

    With white of the left,
    And black on the right,
    Both blades are sealed,
    Within the blinding light.

    I open my eyes,
    And I see her face.
    I'm reminded of my sister,
    Who vanished without a trace.

    In this moment I know,
    As the snow drifts away,
    She is finally with me,
    Forever here to stay.