• Silent screams; dry tears
    Warriors with whispered fears
    Joyful darkness; deceitful light
    Love no longer worth the fight
    Fearful masters; bold slaves
    Sickness moving on in waves
    Poor prosperous countries; worthless money
    The sky no longer bright and sunny
    Victorious queens; helpless kings
    Swans flying without their wings
    The wicked laugh; the good cry
    All around the innocent die
    Geniuses fail; children prosper
    While her happiness costs her
    Alone in the crowd; afraid to be alone
    Now Hell becomes her new home
    Waiting in silence; watching in fear
    Darkness creeping ever near
    Twisted thoughts; a mountainous toll
    A broken heart partly whole
    Serpent tongues; false lies
    God sits up in Heaven and cries
    Frustrated happiness; pleasant rage
    A child's life written on a page
    Unanswered prayers; answered fears
    Now she cries a lake of tears
    Alone in the world; afraid to be alone
    She's forever searching for that better home