• If you know me, i wont die
    When i do, i'll do it kickin
    I'm tryin to do it right
    Cause i gotta lot of livin

    And momma dont cry
    Cuz ya baby's on a mission
    Just look up to the sky
    Maybe get some intervention

    And when i was five
    My momma told me life's a lesson
    You'll learn it when you die
    So for now just keep on guessin

    Keep your imaginiation high
    Make your brain surf like a pigeon
    Or let your thoughts fly
    Like a penguin in the ocean

    If you know me i will fight
    Till my heart quits it's beatin
    And i wont say die
    Even if my body's beaten

    The only way to stop me is to get my self eaten
    But i'm a mouthful, like a steak with the seasons
    And i will keep on chargin, like a bull with a visa
    Take everything and smile call me Mr. Mona Lisa

    I'm simply just a monster with these words, i'm a beast
    Just gimme that pad and a pen, and start a beat
    When it hits you'll be thrilled, call it Micheal Jacksons feet
    And i will never stutter, never stumble, or repeat

    So now you know me, and i rhyme
    When i do, it get's you thinkin
    Get that lightbulb in your mind
    Get to flashin, get to blinkin

    Got that little notebook, and let your fingers do the inkin
    Just let the words flow from your heart, never sinkin
    Let your skull be a boat, and your words be your cap'n
    I'll kill this rhyme here, and let you do the rappin.