• Think of the word “success”
    And what thoughts, images, definitions will you find?
    Perhaps an illusion that you will never have
    Or the thing that’s expected of you by mom and dad
    Maybe money, privilege, and women galore
    Or exotic trips to wherever your mind can soar
    Is success a feeling rather than a thing
    Ecstatic Happiness? Indescribable Triumph?
    Or Thankfulness for a blessing?

    So many ways to view that one word…
    It makes me wonder, what does it mean to me?
    And it was in this retrospection that I discovered this:

    Success is that resting point in the endless dark
    A sanctuary that appears and fades in every journey we embark on
    A fleeting high amongst a million lows
    A single hit returned for the many blows
    You took
    Success is that standing on top right before you fall
    From that mountaintop
    Success is what keeps your heart beating
    When all other motivation stops
    It’s the silver lining that traces life’s dark cloud
    A warmth that protects you from society’s cold shroud
    Success pushes you to your absolute max
    Only to reward countless hours you spend
    With the five second it gives back
    It’s the dream you can never seem to grasp
    But you’ll reach for anyway
    Losing yourself in reality because it might get you there someday

    And yet…
    It’s worth it all.

    Worth all the tears, and pain
    Worth all the embarrassment and shame
    It makes up for their doubts and put-downs
    Though you’re clothed in doubt
    Success is that golden crown
    From which shines the fruits of your labor
    Your retort against all the skeptics and haters
    It’s the forever fleeting definition of your life
    That’ll paint over the black stains of your strife
    And create a portrait of what you achieve
    Success is a state of pride that burns bright
    Even when there isn’t anybody else there to see.