• The storm is still roaring around me,
    I can barely see you past this pain.
    But I know if i just close my eyes,
    I can see you and me dancing in the rain.

    You put your hand in mine,
    Our fingers threaded tightly together.
    We'll move gently to the beat,
    That soft, pitter-pat.

    I'd breath deep,
    And look your into eyes,
    Which were whispering things to me
    I know you couldn't speak.

    It won't matter if the sun isn't shining,
    Or that we're completely soaked,
    With our troubles.
    Because just having you there makes me happy.

    But when I open my eyes again,
    Your blurred figure will come back into vision.
    I'll try to reach and touch you,
    But it's like your getting farther and farthrer away.