• Why keep on fighting
    When it’s so easy
    To surrender
    Why wear a mask
    When you can lose it
    Why keep on searching
    When you can close your eyes
    And sleep
    Why keep on chasing
    If it is too hard
    To keep

    Why keep practicing
    When you make the same
    Why try to do everything
    When it’s more than you
    Can take
    Why try to remember
    When you will forget in
    The end
    Why show your true colors
    When they like it when you

    Why grasp on to something
    When it can slip through
    Your hands
    Why try to comprehend it
    When it’s easier to not
    Why try to read it
    When it’s only
    A letter
    So why keep on trying
    If you know that it won’t
    Get better