• If you were to die tomorrow
    I'd be sick, full of sorrow
    Down you go, down to Hell
    As I scream, shout, and yell
    Go to Hell and I'll come with
    If only I could pass the damn abyss
    The pain inside will not die
    As I scream, cut, and cry
    The only way to get to you
    Is if I do what shouldn't do
    I put the gun to my head
    And now I bathe in the bloody red
    Go to hell and I'll come with
    Now that I've passed the ******** abyss
    Down to Hell, here I come
    As the people find me with a hot gun
    The people scream, shout, and yell
    As I go down to Hell
    When I land on the ground
    I look and you're nowhere to be found.