• Soft lips part
    As do lovers tender kiss
    Love once lost
    To breathlessness

    Together once more
    Into the eternal night
    Cold hand holds cold hand
    Fingers entwined
    Together in bliss

    Waiting so long
    Lying in pain
    Untill the dagger blow to blood red heart
    Can tear apart
    True lovers kiss

    But no sweet truth can speak of remiss
    True ungiving wish
    One final glance
    So they can dream of this

    A killing blow and the deed is done
    Lovers bestowed with lovers foe
    Flamelight flicker
    With the dying breath
    Final spark of hope lost in winters left

    Untimely call for loves embrace
    One last kiss, delaying the fall
    Laying side by side
    Hungry enemies feast upon the betrayal of all

    But wait for love's true course
    Far away lost to the cause
    Punished without hope, without care
    But please free me
    Far away from this pain

    And free me
    Just once again

    Like a cold unforgiving ocean
    Lapping at the soul of morrow
    Will take away all, by and by
    Through and through
    Some are punished with sorrow
    Some are punished with love true