• I Love you!<3 heart

    Do you know how much I love you?
    Has it been said way to much,
    When I hear your voice I feel my heart start to erupt
    You are luminous,
    You are bright
    My single shining star in deep midnight,
    I love you its true
    The words have been said
    The deed has been done
    The time has finally come
    Please don’t resent me
    For these feelings are true
    every single second
    I’m not with you
    I feel blue
    every time you cry
    I’m always there to heal your wounds
    When you are alone and there’s a storm
    I’m your shield blocking the blows
    By now you must know how much I love you
    But yet I give you more proof
    The ceilings may shake
    The worlds collide
    But today you are mine!
    So here it is the words I speak
    Have I mentioned how much I love you?
    Because its true I do
    For ever and always



    no stealing of this poem will be aloud, you may use it with permission from me alone