• He.

    How Happy I am my love
    We´ll soon be married
    breakfast in bed,
    with toasts and scrambled eggs
    that you will have already made.

    I´ll go to the office
    and you fast to the market,
    Cuz´just in a half hour
    You have to made it to work.

    And sure you have to leave
    Everything in the right place
    Cuz you know that in the night
    I like my dinner early.

    But never forget
    that I come back really tired!!
    At night, watch TV
    In the couch lay down
    or to the movies, whenever you want.

    You also know that I
    Only eat home made food.
    I don´t know how is that people
    likes to eat out..!!!
    If they don´t even wash their hands
    And while cooking they taste it!!!

    Doesn´t it seems, dear
    that those will be glorious days?
    Don´t forget that very soon,
    I´ll be your lover husband.


    How Honest you are my love!!
    how convenient your words!!
    You expect so much from me
    I feel intimidated.

    I don´t know how to made scrambled eggs
    Like your beloved mother.
    I like to sleep
    almost all morning.

    Go shopping to buy
    with the Golden Mastercard,
    The tea in some Plaza,
    Concerts at Jaragua
    And dinners in La Atarzana.
    And of course go to Punta Cana
    to past the vacations.

    Think well about it, we still have time
    Cuz the church ain´t paid,
    I give back my dress
    And you, you´ll gala suit.

    And On sunday
    with fonts really outstanding
    Goes out in the Paper: