• i guess i was wrong
    but it went well as long as it did

    being with you has taught me alot
    aswell as forget

    being with you has taught me no matter the distance
    the best of realationships can come out of people
    its made me forget
    hatred and anger towards others

    when you ended it all
    i didnt give the slightest fuss
    for i always want whats best for you

    il never cry on the outside
    but on the inside the peice of heart u were always in
    now theres a hole
    empty and wide
    that will never be replaced

    it feels wrong to say it
    but i love you
    and nothing you do will ever change that

    i dont know if i can hold up
    but i know the best will never happen

    but i love you
    il miss you
    and you will always still be in my dreams

    because no matter if its over
    you will always be the perfect little girl for me....

    il love you forever and always Sarah <3