• The Fat One

    Me was sitting on my boat,
    minding me own busy-ness.
    Then me saw a lost-lookying fellow.
    So me rowed to shore to say hello.

    We hads a chit and chat.
    Then me realized, this fellow was fat.
    He was also awfully rude.
    So me didn't likes his atitude.

    After ours awkward converstion,
    we had a life and death negotiation.
    We played a game of wits.
    The game we played was riddles, as we sits

    The game was fun,
    for the fat one's riddles were a ton.
    In the ends, the fat one prevailed
    Buts he not be hailed.

    After all the tension and pressure,
    me rowed to me littles home to recieve me treasure.
    Me looks and looks.
    Me searched every nooks and asked Captain Hooks.

    Then me figured...the fat one stole it!
    Oh boys! Me made a fit!
    Me rowed to shore,
    to find the one who made me roar.

    But he ran aways.
    So now he be going to pays.
    me sniffed him out,
    for he didn't yelp or shout.

    Then me hear something.
    Buts not likes a ding.
    Buts more likes a crush.
    Which was what me was going to do with the fat mush.

    Suddenly, something jumped over me.
    It was as big as a tree.
    So me figured it was the fat one.
    Yes yes, the fat one on a run.

    The fat one escaped withs a grand ending.
    But the next time me see him, he spine be bending.
    So he won,
    The Fat One.