• Anger is a never-ending tunnel
    I keep on walking,
    Naïve to the dark thoughts surrounding me
    I walk, and walk, until I look back
    When it's too late and nothing can be seen in any direction,
    Nothing but the long, difficult journey ahead
    Soon, I get tired and worn out
    I think about resting awhile,
    But I'm too stubborn to give up
    I start to slow down,
    But see a speck of light, a speck of hope
    I try to continue my path,
    But when I reach a set of stairs,
    I wonder if it's worth it
    If it's worth giving up what I fought for in the first place
    So I give in,
    I gather all my strength, and head towards the door
    The door that will bring me out of the darkness
    The door that will open my eyes,
    To the truth that had been there the whole time
    10 more steps,
    Now 7,
    Now 5,
    And when I'm one step away from walking into the light,
    I look back, but see nothing
    And I wonder why I came here
    I step through the door,
    And I'm hit with the reality
    That I was wrong,
    And they were right,
    And before anything else can happen,
    I blurt,
    "I'm sorry."