• The kiss of madness,
    returning its soft caress to my lips.
    Once again awakening me from my long and fitful slumber.
    The world of agony and darkness...
    a figment of the past.
    Now I sit in the soft embrace of lunacy.
    Enjoying her cold touch once more.
    This descent into madness was expected.

    The Maelstrom churns my own darkness,
    Feasting upon it and draining it from my essence.
    The only that comes to mind as I break from the whirling waters.
    Tear the chains
    Finally pulling myself away.
    Back to her, back to my only true lover.
    To madness, to lunacy, to fondest touches of sweet insanity.

    This is my true calling,
    this is my destiny.
    To feel her breath upon the nape of my neck,
    as I plunge the knife deep into his heart.
    Sanity, my brother.
    No longer.
    I serve a new mistress,
    one who has shown me the world for its aberrations.

    Upon this scroll I write these delighted words,
    as she kisses my neck and gently nibbles upon my ear.
    Lady Madness...
    My Manifestation of Perfection.