• The Love of Two

    He loves her, and she loves him.

    Won’t that bright light ever dim?

    The love they have can filled the world to the brim.

    Such a thrill, to see these two love.

    Soon enough they will fly off to be doves.

    Their entire love, shall be dealt with white gloves.

    I laugh at the two,

    Until my face turns blue,

    Because of all that I knew, between the two.

    She is a he,

    He is already in love with three,

    So can’t you see?

    It’s all just a joke,

    Like some rotted yoke,

    Because of this bloke, she who is a he won’t find love in thee.

    It’s just sad, so don’t be glad,

    But don’t be mad,

    Because of this lad.

    Because the ending is rather sweet.

    Because in the end, he will give her a treat,

    That doesn’t involve her feet.

    He will smile and brush her hair,

    Not even on a dare,

    You might want to be there.

    He does love her,

    Even if she is a sir,

    Let’s just be happy she isn’t covered in fur.