• The sad girl,
    Left at home all alone,
    While lightning was soaring across the dark gruesome sky,
    The girl cried every time lightning struck
    And every time the lightning stroke
    It left tears,
    Many many tears
    For countless hours the lightning went on
    While the girl as frightened as she is was left alone in her bedroom,
    No parents,
    No siblings,
    No sign of authority any where around the house.
    Just alone,
    In her little pink and black room,
    With her puppy Mikaela
    And her plush Pa'ul
    As the lightning went on for countless hours
    No one showed up at her door,
    As the little girl held onto her might
    As her might was coming to an end,
    She thought it might become the end for her,
    But for many hours she hung on to her might
    Though her might was going down the drain
    As hours and more hours passed her by,
    As the lightning soared,
    Across the sky,
    The ughly gruesome gray sky,
    Filled with lightning thunder and rumble,
    Emptying all of the happiness of the skies onto the planet Earth,
    Only to bring more sadness to Earth,
    Than to bring less,