• The viper, coiled
    Round malignant tumors
    Slithers to my heart.
    A rat; disproportionate.

    Slipping lovingly
    round my crescent heart
    Squeezing hugs
    Grasping kisses

    Under trees
    White with blossoms
    We sit, picnicking
    In Silent Gloom.

    In the form of
    Radiant sunshine
    The flowers;
    Nuzzled by wind

    Snakes of beauty
    Cottonmouth glory
    Snakes of curiosity
    Vipers of love.

    Delicate blossoming
    Dresses in a row
    Singing fruitful songs
    No one will know.

    A sweet jester
    Holds close his harpoon
    Aimed at dainty
    Porcelain dolls

    Shattering puppets
    The light glances
    Off each sliver
    Of broken skin

    Each poet’s son
    Aimed at the snake
    Pulling him into
    His early wake

    Sunlight; STOPS
    Then we’re done
    No meadow, no flower
    For anyone.