• I looked at my phone
    When it almost falls off the table
    Marsha grabs it
    "Hello Marsha talking!"
    I was on my way to walking
    Over to her to take my phone
    When the happy smile on her face fell
    She turned to me looking scared
    I scream at her
    While she just stands there
    I start to lightly shake her
    Her voice broke off
    "We have to hid!!!"
    She screamed at me
    "Marsha who was that?"
    All of a sudden she grabbed my arm and yanked
    Me up the stairs
    She threw me into me closet
    I was shaking
    And madness
    Was all I could feel
    I heard her lock me in my closet
    I got up and banged on the doors
    I heard her sush me
    The her scream
    Knocked me over
    I started crying
    Unable to get up
    I curled into a ball...
    And listen to my best-friend
    Yelling and trying to fight back
    I felt bad
    Knowing I couldn't help her
    When I heard my front door close I felt saver
    I knew my best-friend was dead
    In my room
    Or somewhere else in my house
    I cried
    I don't know for how long
    But when I heard someone walk in
    I banged on the doors again
    He opened it and I gasped
    Blood-red eyes
    Perfect white teeth
    All showed..
    I was scared to death
    I coundn't move
    Or blink
    Just frozen in place
    I saw him lean over me
    And a pain shoot threw my neck

    To be continued..