• Trees burst into bloom
    In a cascade of white blossom
    Like the veil of a bride

    Delicate, intricate and dazzling
    A thin layer of life
    Shielding the skeleton
    From a world of movement and light

    Birds flit in and out
    Tiny arrows, spearing insects
    Stealing twigs, creating a spiraling sanctuary
    For the little gems of life ready for the world

    Intoxicating hints of honey, trumpeting foxgloves
    Erupt into desperate celebration of the Sun
    Drinking what they can
    Craving their life drug

    Bees hum lazily, drifting on the breeze
    Sipping the sweet wine oozing from petal skirts
    From one to the next, testing the perfectly balanced bouquet
    Savouring every last tantalizing drop

    A clear rainbow orb falls from the azure sky
    Breaking into shards of quartz on the unforgiving ground
    A chrome blanket encompasses the sky
    Forming a menacing mantle

    Creatures cower in their shelters
    Eyes turned fearfully to the roaring creature above
    Its pounding steps coming closer
    Tail lashing angrily across the sky in blazing trails of blue and indigo

    As it stalks closer the air shudders
    Creeping away from its terrible maw and gnashing teeth
    The weight of the air is palpable and crushing
    In its panic stricken search for safety on the ground

    With one last bellowing roar
    The monster drifts away, devoid of energy
    One by one, the animals emerge from their refuge
    Tasting the air for the burning tang of the nightmare above.