• A song lit melody awaiting my dance.

    Around around I go music flowing with me.
    As if I had wings and the melody was the wind.
    In my twirling translation, my movement mending all things.
    The song holds and constricts me to to taping and twirls.
    The melody unfolds now shredding boundaries as I move.
    Grace and stealth in grand flips and all is dedicated to you
    I hold for the finale witch binds me to an end.
    With a flourished of spins, flips, kicks, yet I keep grace with my hands.
    And as the song slows to a stop so do I bound by the song.
    All of me ends when you close the box.

    I wait the next turn of the knob when you open to find my performance. Only to find later, I’m just a music box.