• This feeling, it's so deep.
    Hurting me from the inside out.
    Telling me something is wrong,
    Something harmful is coming.
    Will it hurt?
    Will there be death?
    This feeling, it's so real.
    It seems to come when,
    Everything is going just right.
    Messing up my feelings.
    Turning them all into hate.
    Causing me to pull away,
    Fearing the worse will come,
    And take you from me...again.
    This feeling, it's so scary.
    My dreams turn into nightmares.
    The sleep that was once peaceful,
    Is a horrid thing for me.
    Affecting everything i do.
    I mean now,
    Do i really care for you?
    This feeling, it fades away.
    As soon as it has payed its toll.
    My life is back to hell.
    Starting again with pain.
    I really did care for you.
    But it seems,
    This feeling, Hated you