• Shards

    You left me and I felt nothing

    The numbness cradled me

    I loved and gave you my heart

    Now our passion is just a whisper on the breeze

    I long for your lips to touch mine

    To look into your eyes once more

    But I see that the love is no more

    Where did I go wrong

    What does she do that I don't?

    They say that love is the most amazing emotion

    ...I beg to differ

    I find that hate is a terrible beauty

    A darkness that is always there

    A fearful beast waiting to come forth

    In all its comforting darkness I see a saddle

    The saddle on the beast

    The saddle to cradle me in a journey of false light and painful dark

    I wake from my flight and find the scars

    The bruises and the tears

    The thorns that have grown from my skin

    And infiltrated my mind

    And I see your outstretched hand

    Is it to me or your new love

    In it is my heart in shards

    Your blood mingles with mine

    But I feel the cold in your soul

    The remorse and pity for the creature that I have become

    And I fade away

    All away

    And I try to say what I wanted to all along

    My last words on earth...