• I could not love him as wanted
    I just a lost cub of a demon
    Without heart and soul
    But I still wanted a kiss your

    These eyes that shine every time that see me
    Cause me discomfort
    But in same time I like this
    It is like watching a child when discover something new

    I tried love you,I swear
    But I can love you more than myself
    I am a fallen dark angel
    A creature without any fellings

    I wanna you as a toy, a any object
    But I can't prevent feel me guilty
    Every time that you smile so
    It's excruciating when you kiss me with passion

    I admit, I'm confused
    Never anyone touch me so
    I do not know if you are really human
    But has the absolute power to arrest me to you

    I still do not know if I leave or if I kill you
    The important thing is do you suffer
    Because that is my nature
    And I love it more than anything in the world