• In the mist of the night I feel your presence
    As wanting to touch me gently
    For a single moment
    Not that I know nothing

    Why do I look like this and does nothing?
    You don't see that it hurt me?
    I love you too
    For this kiss me now and don't worry about nothing

    I wanna dance with you all the time
    And forget the problems
    In your arms tight
    I wanna can dream again

    If there a shooting star in the sky
    I see her and beg for her
    To bring you to me
    And do you be mine forever

    Let your hands fresh travel this dead body
    I never felt heat of love
    I was dead to the world
    But with you I rebirth

    Give me your hand and let's go
    Come to where we think
    Where we do not disturb
    For a place where we can love ourself