• The darkness leaves people to be afraid and frightened
    For something lie there to be awakened
    A truly frightening and horrific site
    For those without much might
    A demon of a different dimension
    In an old mansion it roams
    The demon is known for it's sad cry
    But most are most happy to be alive
    The demon feasts on those who enter his house
    Everyone and everything including mice
    But there is one little mouse that he can not seem to get
    Saddens him and makes him have a fit
    The people have heard rumors of this demon
    But those who are non believers of this rumor
    Must suffer the consequences that the demon forces upon them
    Whether it be the most delightful or deadly
    The demon makes them rather unfriendly
    And after that no one knows
    Because all that is left is a table and a fruit a la mode'.