• Foggy visions
    dreary sights
    is this how
    it will be tonight?

    Cloudy skies
    snowy ground
    death and destruction
    all around

    Invisibal blood
    coating the floor
    goes unseen
    forever more

    My corpse
    lying still
    killed in cold blood
    another mans will

    As the raven
    slowly crept
    the air from my lungs
    slowly left

    Taken away
    to the haven of crows
    a raven's haven
    where my dead soul flows

    Among the gravesones
    and ancient birds
    there is a creeping
    whispers unheard

    blackbirds scatter
    flapping away
    so they can live to see
    another day

    Landing in a tree
    decrepid and old
    branchess lifless
    leefless and cold

    Settled rooks
    squwak and crow
    their ancient song
    of morbid sorrow

    the squwak thats hurd
    from stone to stone
    waking the dead
    and screaching their bemoan

    I hear their lament
    from my tomb
    as i sleep in silence
    of this decrepid room

    My soul creeps out
    to see my friends
    and waving goodbye
    from over their heads

    My body lay still
    but my soul flies free
    to the lands of heavin or hell
    whichever will be my destiny

    Away from this earth
    forever more
    seeing this horid mortuary
    never more

    -Johnston J. Cleat