• My hair is long and dark
    A perfect hiding spot
    For when I look at you
    So that I'm never caught

    My eyes are dark and deep
    Yet my feelings never show
    You can look forever
    And no where will they go

    My smile never moves
    For it is never there
    If I ever laugh
    The reason I won't ever share

    I may be a freak
    A nerd, a dork, or weird
    Though I may not be like you
    I should not be feared

    I'm tired of the lies
    Spread without a thought
    That I hate every person
    Or I think that all should rot

    I don't trust those normal
    What does normal mean?
    I can look you in the eye
    And you will never see

    Never see what I am
    Or even how I look
    You just base me on TV
    Or what was in a book

    Emo is the name
    Public has given me
    But emo is way cooler
    Than anything you'll ever be!