• Do you know how much i love you?
    as i walk donw Skyway Avinue?
    when i walk down the sidewalk-down the sidewalk not caring what
    i was just going to do?

    i get ready to fall not
    caring that u didn't return my
    last call.
    i got prepared even knowing that not a thought of this is in your
    head, and that your still in bed

    so i fall with the picture
    of you in my head spinning and
    twirlling me swiftly to bed.
    my last night with you-
    the best- was my only thought when i jumped
    to my death

    but it's still not over your next to me crying knowing
    deep down that i was dying
    so i prepared my last words for you hoping that this would last
    and then again that my life would end fast

    but u had to hear the words that would set
    you free so i said to u lovingly with
    tears in my eyes

    hon your just not for me

    and with that i left knowing that my mission in life was done

    based on a true story