• Thinking of you
    Longing for your reasuring embrace
    Yearning for your gentle loving kisses
    Hoping that soon I will see you
    And be able to be safe in your arms once again
    Because without you I feel so lonely and lost
    I don't know which way to go
    I don't remember who I am, because you make me whole
    You are my other half
    Without my other half I'm incomplete
    Yin without Yang
    Sun without Moon
    Clouds without Rain
    A heart without a beat
    I'm all those things and more without you
    And I never want to be away from you for long
    I want to always be with you
    Forever in your arms
    Forever with you snuggled up in a blanket
    I hope you'll come running to me soon
    Because without you I'm afraid I might die
    So please don't delay in coming back to me