• There is no one left
    They all ran while I fell out of step
    No one listens
    Nobody cares
    Their all on a mission
    Too find their pair
    While I sit and wait
    Hoping that in time my fate
    Will just put a gun to my head
    And just let me fall dead
    Nobody would notice
    They never did
    They lost their focus
    And treated me like a kid
    I fail at school
    I fail with friends
    My life is like a pool
    But I always drown in the deep end
    They wonder why I'm so sad and down
    I simply tell them, "I lost everything I had.
    Just look around."
    Yes I have a good life
    Great family and spoiled rotten
    But nobody knows how I feel
    Or why I'm so forgotten
    The only thing that keeps me going
    Is the music in my heart
    I lay awake at night, silent as a corpse
    "Is there anyway I can be worth something more?"
    I know I must complain alot
    But everyone knows a new life can't be bought.
    Sometimes I think about my past
    And wonder what would happen
    If I chose a different path
    If instead of being nice
    I would get into fist fights
    If instead of praying to God for a change
    I would break free of my religious cage
    Leading life my own way
    But I'm soon ripped from my thoughts
    And thrown into reality
    Knowing that it'll never be
    What I want to see