• My Angel

    By: Aiko_Silvermoon

    Silent, Cold and Dark
    That is what my life has been
    Since you left

    You parted this world,
    A soft smile playing on your lips
    Content your suffering over

    My grief stricken prayer,
    For you to be happy,
    While I stay behind in this unforgiving world

    No one can take your place in my heart,
    But his light shines bright
    Beckoning to me
    Speaking softly, soothingly, in my darkness.

    He will not take your place,
    He will just melt the ice
    Covering my heart,
    Breaking the wall guarding it,
    And let himself in with love,
    Becoming my light,
    Just as you once were…

    He is no you,
    Because he is himself,
    A beautiful angel,
    One I am undeserving of his love,
    For I am darkness, silent and cold.

    But maybe… Just maybe,
    I can become light,
    A light that shines,
    Like you once did.

    One that shines for those in need.
    One that loves, cares,
    And help those who need.

    One that was like you,
    And like him,
    An angel, a fallen one, yes,
    But, still an angel.

    And one day, I will see you again,
    With him by my side,
    And you will smile,
    Happy for me, and happy to see me.

    My star, my angel, my love…