• The massive maple in the
    backyard stands straight
    and tall
    Its barren branches
    desolate in the December
    sunlight gold
    And sinking under the tree,
    I wrap my arms around
    And reflect on the
    memories so precious to
    me - both old and new

    I remember the year, so
    very long ago, when I
    turned five
    And with great curiosity
    and excitement, planted a
    tiny sapling in the soil.
    My memories tinted with
    childhood innocence and
    That soon turned into
    unbridled joy, as the tree
    was born out of my toil

    I remember the first
    summer I came back
    And spent many hot afternoons
    curled up
    comfortably with a book
    Up in the branches of this
    tree; the warm smell of
    honeysuckle in the air

    I remember the autumn
    that followed, the grief and
    the agony
    Crying for days as the
    golden canopy became a
    blaze of red
    The bite of chill in the air
    and the pain of losing a
    loved one
    The ache that did not
    subside; no matter what
    anyone said.

    Years later, sitting beneath
    this tree, I remember all
    this and more
    And look up at the one
    constant companion
    throughout my life
    It's passing through the
    winter of its life as I pass
    through one of mine
    And as surely as it'll reach
    its spring, as surely to
    reach mine I'll strive