• A night of darkness,
    Whare light fades disappers,
    Crys of sorrow finds me here.
    Shine your light,
    Make the pain go away.
    I don't want to live in darkness,
    It's full of hate.
    I see nothing,
    I feel the pain,
    My heart is breaking,
    Why did you leave?
    I'm all alone now,
    I gave you my love,
    but I guess no enogh.
    I can't belive you're gone.
    I felt your sorrow and pain,
    I tried to confurt you,
    But you pushed me away.
    I ran to you after I got your message,
    I saw you far away,
    I called you,
    but you didn't hear me.
    I tried to stop you,
    but I was to late,
    I'm so sorry.