• My backs to the world
    Though not cause i've lost hope
    No, my backs to the world
    Just to see how it goes.

    In a midnight sky, i've never notice how
    Bright the moon seems to grow
    Each breath i take, it seems to keep glowing.

    I've never notice, how hard those little creatures
    work just to stay alive.
    But i guess everyone has there ways.

    Or how beautiful that tree is there
    Or when the little bird
    Lands where ever it wants to be.

    I notice no one acts like its there last
    And no lives to the fullest
    But everyone's happy, even if clueless.

    Taking a breath, i can see the world
    Everything goes so fast
    And we all just ignore.
    Chasing what ever dreams that we all know
    will break and slip just like a thread.

    I turn my back to the world.
    And it's not cause i lost my hope
    No its to regain
    Everything i loose each day.