• If you hadn’t come into my life..

    I would never have known..

    What it really means to love someone.

    Love is a strong emotion between two people..

    That REALLY like each other.

    It’s bitter sweet and sometimes it hurts..

    But I have never cared about someone so much.

    I wish we could have been together forever..

    Guess love isn’t good enough for you.

    I love you.

    My love for you is stronger than any other love

    I have said before.

    I love you but…

    But.. Do you love me too?

    Everything makes me sad and emotional.

    I just hate it..

    I used to hate you but..

    What is there to hate?
    Hate for me means

    A strong feeling with two broken hearts.

    When we kissed and touched..

    It made me love you even more

    But when you avoided me and didn’t love me

    It made me love you more than ever before.

    Yeah I may cry but it doesn’t mean anything

    It is the love.

    I wish you could say something positive.

    I want you to be mine.

    And mine only!

    Every other girl that wants you..

    Can just leave it be because you would be mine.

    I want to see you smile

    I want to see you laugh

    I want to see you

    I love you so much it hurts

    I hated to see you walk away

    I hated to see you be with other girls

    I hated all of your actions.
    I hated all of your choices


    I loved you.