• let me know
    if you loved me.
    as the winter
    snow surrounds me.

    the sun turns dark,
    the sky turns grey.
    on the the tree,
    deep in the bark,
    i said what i needed
    to say.

    i carved our names into the oak,
    surrounded with a heart.
    until suddenly, it broke,
    and it crummbled apart.

    did you ever want me?
    did you ever care?
    the memories are hazy.
    they disappeared into
    thin air.

    the day i layed my eyes on you,
    i thought you were just the one
    for me.
    i thought your love would be true.
    oh, my thoughts, if you could only see.

    one day, i'll let you go.
    & i'll fly above with the sparrow.
    i wish that you would know,
    you stabbed my heart with an arrow.

    the winter days are ending.
    the colors come back with a glow.
    my life with out you is my new beggining.
    no more of the cold, freezing snow.

    the spring is just my miracle
    i need to make it through.
    no more dancing with the devil.
    the spring is my rescue.

    spring turns into summer.
    the birds fly high and free.
    it's clear you're not my lover,
    now i can wonder without you,

    summer turns to fall.
    the evenings grow quite cold.
    when i thought we were the end, i got your call.
    now i see all the memories unfold.

    now what must we do?
    can't you see you broke my heart?
    i don't want to argue,
    but the sweet is growing tart.

    i loved you since the day we met.
    and i never ever stopped.
    you're the one i can't forget.
    the memories go by, unstopped.

    it's only you who just won't leave
    my broken heart alone.
    with you i just don't know what to believe.
    i love you and i hate you, my thoughts are
    jumbled and unknown.

    i know after fall, must come a winter,
    the dreadful season i had to lose you.
    the taste of hatred tastes so bitter.
    i wish our love i could just rewind and undo.

    so how will this work; year-round seasons?
    i suppose we shall give up,
    i mean, consider all the reasons.
    think, when we let go maybe the months will warm up?

    goodbye to you, the king of snow.
    our love is done, it is no more.
    we said our "i love you's" too long ago.
    so let them go, fall down, onto the floor.