• People, walk around,
    thinking I can't hear them say,
    Love is a myth for thee,
    they say what they say,
    and I have to hear it ev'ry day,
    and for the rest of my life
    I'll____ belive____
    love is a myth for me_________.
    The days pass by mocking my ev'ry move
    they just like to torture,
    a helpless soul
    'til it's ground into dust
    in front of thier eyes,
    they speak words only in lies.
    As I draw my last breath,
    in front of
    the one I love
    I say three words,
    "I love you"
    Then I fall to the ground,
    and wish that you were mine____
    listen to me I'll say it one more time,
    It's easy to leave,
    If love is a myth__________!