• She's scared of the dark.
    She wakes with a start.
    What makes her scared
    and what makes her have
    trouble to rest?

    She's afraid to get too close,
    Afraid to get hurt again.
    She has mentioned
    something about ropes.
    The same ropes that
    have made her wrists
    bleed and scar.

    So, who put those
    ropes there? Who
    made her scared of the dark?
    Who made her afraid to
    sleep at night?

    She cuts herself
    just to forget
    what has happened
    so long ago.
    She has even tried
    to end her life, but
    some how she has
    still survived.

    So, tell me,who
    has made her life
    a living hell? Who made her
    want to throw it all away?

    She leaves so many
    things unmentioned,
    Those memories too
    painful to talk about,
    even with
    her closest friend

    So, for now, she tries to
    bury those memories
    from long ago. For now
    she hides the reason she's
    scared of the dark, the
    reason she wakes with a start,
    and the reason she
    doesn't sleep at night.