Said Phoenix,
    "The witnesses statement is clearly faulty, Your Honor."
    Quoth the Judge
    'I am afraid I will have to penalize you once again Mr. Wright."
    "Gahhh"Said Phoenix
    "Well Wright? Are you giving up so soon?
    Edgeworth laughed.
    "Never, this man is innocent and I will prove it with evidence!
    Phoenix gloated.
    Said Edgeworth, "Your Honor, this man is grasping"
    "He can't have anything that will turn this trial around-"
    "Oh, really?"
    "Hello again Phoenix"
    said his mentor, Mia Fey.
    "What do you mean I have evidence?"Said Phoenix.
    "Prosecutor Edgeworth, you said Mr. Wright had no evidence to prove Ms. shinsa's innocence, correct?" Said Mia
    Said Edgeworth, "That I did, yes, does Wright have evidence?
    "No", Said Mia, "He has a witness"
    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!! Everyone in the courtroom screamed. Even Phoenix.
    Order, Order. Mr. Wright, What is this woman talking about, who is this witness? said the angered Judge.
    "I don't even know myself Your Honor.", Phoenix said puzzledly.
    "Yes you do Phoenix, she is closer than you think.", Mia said.
    "Do you mean Maya?", Phoenix asked.
    "Yes, the rest is up to you Phoenix" Said Mia
    "HOLD IT" Said Phoenix, but it was too late Mia was gone...

    To be Continued