• it’s game time now lace up those cleats
    step on to the field and listen to the beats
    the crowd is cheering calling out your name
    your gunna make the other team feel bad they came
    you will control the game from the start
    talent doesn’t matter its all about heart
    you're all pumped up your mind’s in the zone
    you can almost hear the other team moan
    they won’t know what hit them they’ll be in surprise
    as you dart right past them determination in your eyes
    how can they stop you?-they can’t it’s impossible
    you know why?-you can’t stop the unstoppable

    you are the gladiator of the sport
    the key protector of the fort
    are you gunna let them in?
    no, that would be a sin

    the game has begun the ref blew his whistle
    as you take off from the line like a missile
    from that point on you dominate the game
    that team you played will never be the same
    you ripped them to shreds, drove them out of town
    your team rose up as their team fell down
    there is no regret you fell no remorse
    as you shake their hands, triumphant of coarse