• a starry night,we were laying down on the grass
    the feel of the cold breeze, the sound of the flowing river
    you gave me a white rose I asked you why
    but you didn't answer you just smiled
    then I said "thanks"then looked at the stars
    then you said "white rose represents hope"
    I wondered all night about what you said
    the next day you gave me a green rose
    you said it represents friendship
    but I still dont know the reason why your giving me roses
    Then until one day you completely left me alone
    in this world when i just hatched out from the insecurities
    now I hide back in that place
    then I saw an angel who gave me a red rose
    the angel said that represents love
    So I htought about the three roses
    hope,friendship and love
    then I realized
    those three were what we had
    and what we will have till the end of time
    you knew from the start that this would happen
    you just wanted for me to be strong and learn to grow on my own
    but you still knew that I would find more friends
    to be for me and for me to help them as well
    I give my thanks to you through this 3 roses
    Till the end we meet my friend
    I lay this 3 roses infront of you
    this boquet represents the bond we had
    I would'nt say goodbye instead I'll say SEE YOU SOON.......................