• sometimes life could be hard but in another way easy
    the sufferings that we experienced and the miracles we have been blessed with
    we sometimes doubt what an ordinary person like me, like you
    can do to make this life worth living
    but we really just don't know our real purpose is to bring peace to the world
    for the best of all live in this wonderful world we live in
    we are the greatest masterpiece in this world right
    so we have oppurtunities to make this best for all of us
    we are gifted with love that we could share with others
    it may seem now like...really?i'm that special?
    well you are(don't boast)...you are capable more than you expect
    but we should never forget to always thank the one who gave this all to us
    and also thank the people who helped us in our endeavors that we surpass in life
    and remember to share everything you have mostly your love and joy.